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Create the healthiest life possible for your dog through nutrition. For dogs 12 months & older.


Take back control of your dogs health and wellness so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the precious moments you have left with them.


Finally feel trust and confidence in what you’re feeding your fur-baby through homemade dog food.

It may be the most effective way to fit fresh dog food into your budget.


Homemade dog food is the best way to create a nutritionally abundant life for your dog...

  • Learn everything you need to know about making balanced homemade recipes
  • Use our recipes, shopping lists, guides and resources so you can plan and meal prep - yes, it's possible!
  • Receive that nutritional support you need along your journey
  • Start building a healthier life for your pup through our expert of the month events
  • Become a more confident pet parent knowing that you're giving your dog the absolute best


Sign up by November 14th to receive these bonuses:

1. How to Make an Optimal Meal Topper: 

We'll help you incorporate fresh foods on top of their kibble for those weeks that you just don't have the time for homemade cookin'. 

($150 Value)

This will come for free with your membership.

2. How to Choose a Commercial Kibble

We know fresh food is best, but even if you only feed kibble 15 days out of the month, it's essential that you're getting one that's *better*.

($80 Value)

This will come for free with your membership.

What's The Investment?

The #1 mistake people make when making homemade dog food is that they use recipes that are not balanced by a professional nutritionist. Which can lead to major deficiencies. 

Or worse…

They just throw food together on their own, which can cause even WORSE health issues to occur since essential nutrients, such as calcium, is often overlooked. 


So you could just pay a nutritionist to make a recipe for you. Which costs on average $100 USD per recipe, and around $500 per year to account for food rotation recipe changes. 

The costs can adds up...

Or, you can join The HealthyPup Club for a low monthly payment of $14.99/month to receive numerous nutritionist formulated recipes, nutritionist support, and everything else we mentioned previously.

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